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What services are available online? Visit DPOR Online License Services for a complete list of online services.
Can I request a duplicate license online? No. Duplicate license requests must be submitted to the Board by mail, fax, or email
Can I change my name online? No. Name change requests must be accompanied by a copy of a marriage certificate, divorce decree, court order, or other official documentation that verifies the name change.
Who do I contact for additional assistance? Please visit the Contact Us page for contact information.

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Registration/Log On/User Profile

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What do I need to log in? In order to access the online services, you will need to establish a profile and create a secure User ID and password. The secure User ID and password will enable you to log in at any time to view and maintain changes to your license(s). Also see the next Q & A on establishing a profile.
How do I establish a profile?

A user can create a profile by clicking the Create My Profile link on the Main Menu. The initial registration process attempts to match information entered to DPOR records for applications submitted and/or licenses held.

Once the initial registration process is complete, you may be directed to contact the Board or a temporary User ID and/or password may be emailed or sent by regular mail.

If you already have a temporary User ID and/or password, you do not need to establish profile, but you must create the secure User ID and password.

How do I create a secure User ID and password? Enter your User ID (either the email used when establishing a profile or the temporary User ID provided on a renewal notice or in a letter) and temporary password (provided by email, in a letter sent by regular mail, or on the renewal notice). Then click the Log On button.

Enter the FEIN, SSN, or Virginia driver's license number as requested. Once the information is validated, you will be able to enter a new, secure User ID and/or password and complete the registration process.

Why doesn't my temporary User ID and/or password work?

Your temporary User ID and password will contain a combination of alphabetic and numeric characters. Alphabetic characters are case sensitive.

I forgot my password. How do I retrieve it? Click on the link after "Forgot your password?" below the Log On button on the Main Menu. You must know your User ID (email). After answering the secret question, a new temporary password will be emailed to the address on file.
Do I need to change my User ID if my email changes? Yes. If you discontinue using an email address, please update your User ID.
How do I change my email for my User ID and/or password? Log on and select "View User Profile" on the Main Menu. To change personal information, User ID, password, or secret question and answer, click 'Edit' for the section to change. When changing the password, you will be asked for the current password.
Can I have one User ID and password for all my licenses? One User ID and password can be used for all individual licenses or all organization/business licenses.

Individuals and organizations/businesses must register separately, which requires different email addresses for the User IDs. For example, if you are registered as an individual but would like to apply for or maintain a license that is issued to a business (such as a salon, spa, shop, firm, etc.), you must register separately and use a different email as the User ID for the organization.

NOTE: Organizations include sole proprietors, partnerships, professional limited liability companies, professional corporations, limited partnerships, limited liability partnerships, limited liability companies, and corporations.
What if all my licenses are not linked to my User ID and password? For licensees with more than one license, all current and expired licenses should be listed. If licenses are not listed, please contact the board for assistance.

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Online Services

Question Answer
What is the advantage of online services? All online services are available 24-hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Occasionally, the online services may be unavailable during maintenance.

There is no additional fee for online services.

DPOR has recently added and continues to add new online services, including applying for a new license, address changes, upgrading a license, etc.

Initial: When an initial application is submitted online, you will receive immediate confirmation the application was received. In addition, if all entry requirements are met upon submission of the application and payment, a license will be automatically issued.

Renewal: When renewing online, you will receive immediate confirmation the renewal was received. In addition, if all the renewal requirements are met upon submission of payment, the license will be automatically renewed.

What do I do if my Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN), social security number (SSN), or Virginia driver's license number are incorrect? Notify the Board in writing. Include the license number, signature, and date. Provide an explanation for the change and/or documentation verifying the correct number.
How do I submit documents required for my application? The Application Summary document emailed to the applicant upon submission of the online application provides information of the acceptable methods and instructions for submitting additional forms and documentation. Forms and documentation are accepted by mail at:
Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation
Perimeter Center
9960 Mayland Drive, Suite 400
Richmond, Virginia 23233.

All forms and documentation required to complete the application package must be legible and identified with the File Number found in the first section of the Application Summary. It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure the Board receives the completed application package prior to any established deadlines.
Should I still mail in the paper application if I submit it online? No. Submission of the paper application is not necessary if an application is submitted online.
How do I start an application for an initial license? Applications for initial licensure may be created by clicking on "Apply for a New License."
May I leave and come back to an application later? If you must leave an application for initial licensure, information is saved. When you return, click on "Incomplete Application" to complete the application.
May I add or change information on an application once it has been submitted? No. Once an application is submitted no changes may be made online.

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Can I renew online even though my license has not expired yet? Renewal notices are mailed 60 days prior to the expiration date. Online renewal is available only after the renewal notice is mailed, and for some licenses, required in order to log in.

If a license has not expired and online renewal services are not available, renewal payments may be sent to DPOR. However, DPOR does not accept renewal payments submitted more than 90 days prior to the expiration date.

Can I renew online if my address is different from what is on the renewal notice or on record with the Board? Yes, but you will need to change the address (either by mail or online) before you renew so the license is mailed to the correct address.
Can I renew online if my license has expired? The board's regulations establish renewal periods, grace periods, and reinstatement periods and vary depending on the type of license. Renewal and reinstatement applications will be available online in accordance with the board's regulations.
Can I renew more than one license online? Yes.

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Must I pay my fee online? All online submissions require payment of fees online.
What payment methods do you allow online? Online payments may be submitted using Visa, MasterCard, or Discover. Debit cards with the Visa and MasterCard logo are also accepted.
Can my credit card information be saved with my User ID/password for the next time that I use online services? No. For security reasons, credit card information is not retained after the transaction is processed.
Can I get a receipt of my online transaction? After submitting payment, you have the capability of printing a confirmation at the time of the transaction. A receipt will also be emailed.

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